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Expatriates in search of organized running activities first formed the Riyadh Road Runners back in 1978. In 2016, the club is celebrating its 38th year of running in the desert. The club has continued to function without interruption during this entire period. Running events are organized and coordinated by a committee of elected volunteers. The club regularly hosts races with around 180 participants, at a range of venues in and around Riyadh. Over 35 nationalities were represented in the 2015-16 season, demonstrating what a diverse city Riyadh is. Our members range in age from 5-75, and are divided into 5 age groups.

Riyadh Road Runners is a non-profit making club made up of both social and competitive runners. We meet to run every 2 weeks during the months of September to March. Runners of all abilities are welcome to join us in our sociable, friendly, family oriented environment.

Riyadh Road Runners has two sister clubs – the Riyadh Wheelers and the Riyadh Triathlon Club. We also have links with the Dhahran RRC and the Jeddah RR.

Riyadh Road Runners is always happy to meet and discuss potential sponsorship arrangements with businesses inside and outside the Kingdom. All the money we make as a club is reinvested in our events and in the past we have contributed a portion to local charities.

Committee Riyadh Road Runners